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Richard Lee Byers holds a master's degree in Psychology. He worked in an emergency psychiatric facility for over a decade, then left the mental health field to become a writer. He is the author of more than fifteen books.

Forgotten Realms Bibliography[]

The Halls of Stormweather[]

  • Chapter 2 "Song of Chaos" (Short story) (July 2000)

Sembia: Gateway to the Realms[]

War of the Spider Queen[]

The Rogues[]

The Year of Rogue Dragons[]

  1. The Rage {April 2004)
  2. The Rite (Jan 2005)
  3. The Ruin (May 2006)

The Priests[]

The Haunted Lands trilogy[]

  1. Unclean (April 2007)
  2. Undead (March 2008)
  3. Unholy (Feb 2009)

Brotherhood of the Griffon[]

  1. The Captive Flame (April 2010)
  2. Whisper of Venom (Nov 2010)
  3. The Spectral Blaze (June 2011)
  4. The Masked Witches (Feb 2012)
  5. Prophet of the Dead (Feb 2013

The Sundering[]


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