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Richtar "the Red Man", also known for some time as Rieltar Anchev, was an assassin who served as The Arm of the Iron Throne in Sembia during the mid–14th century DR.[1] For some time he led the organizations operations in Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast[2]

"My dear fellows, you must realize that it is manners that make the man...The right people can afford to be rude, but this is not you."
— Richtar, under the alias of Rieltar Anchev


He had absolutely no sense of morality other than he was always true to his word. That being said, Richtar did revel in the manipulation of those who proved useful in one form or another,[1] and still maintained a courteous manner to others when he wished.[2]


Richtar's namesake possession was his red mask of Leira. When he donned the mask, those individuals he encountered often had great trouble recounting his appearance beyond a vague description.[1]


As the Arm of the Iron Throne, Richtar managed the merchants who worked for the Iron Throne and monitored trade activity in various important locations across the Realms.[1]


As was the case with the Iron Throne's other officers, Richtar served its leader Sfena under the burden of a previously agreed-upon geas. This was hardly necessary in Richtar's case, as his devotion and loyalty to her was unshakable.[1]

Richtar had a complicated relationship with his adopted son Sarevok. He raised his son to be loyal and believed in that fealty until the last couple months before their falling. Sarevok however always held a deep hatred for Richtar due to his direct involvement in the murder of his mother.[4]

In Sembia, Richtar was served by the Lesser Arm Skitt, a former gladiator and mercenary from Manshaka.[1] Later on he held the post of Western Divisional leader of the Iron Throne alongside his colleague Brunos Costak. Among the agents working under them during that time were: the bandit leader Tazok, the mages Tranzig and Davaeorn, as well as the Cyricist priest Mulahey.[2]

Beyond his subordinates in the Iron Throne, Richtar had two imps named Riv and Winger, who performed the duties of servants.[1]


In his younger years, Richtar took work as a smuggler and even an assassin in Sembia. He accumulated a great wealth of knowledge surrounding the shipping and mercantile routes of the Heartlands.[1]

At some point he encountered Sarevok as an orphan. He adopted the boy and raised him for some time with Sarevok's mother. When Sarevok was still a child, Richtar killed her with a garotte for her infidelity.[1]

When Cormyr banned all Iron Throne activity in the Year of the Sword, 1365 DR, Rieltar saw an opportunity to carry out a grand plan to form a strong presence in the Western Heartlands. With Sarevok's aid, he would sabotage iron production and distribution on the Sword Coast while simultaneously stirring up hostilities between Baldur's Gate and Amn. He took on the persona of "Rieltar Anchev" during his time in the west.[4]

The Iron Throne's headquarters in Baldur's Gate

By the following year, preparations for their master plan were well under way. In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Rieltar and Sarevok were finally ready to carry out its final stages. Rieltar encountered some new complications however, when Sarevok began to escalate hostilities beyond the point they had previously sought. Sarevok actually did want to start a war on the Sword Coast, as a means to gain the power of his true father, the dead god Bhaal.[4]

In an effort to save all they had built so far, Rieltar and Brunos Costak traveled to Candlekeep to negotiate a deal with Kestor and Tuth of the Knights of the Shield.[4]

Rieltar was next seen in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, at his winter home in Sembia. In Ches of that year, the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate hired Dabron Sashenstar and his agents to apprehend Richtar and put him on trial for the orchestration of the iron crisis. While under interrogation by Waukeenar clerics, Rieltar's identity as Richtar "the Red Man" was revealed along with the secret origins of the Iron Throne.[5][3]

By Kythorn 9 of that year, it appeared as if Richtar and all the other leaders of the Iron Throne had been assassinated by the Zhentarim.[3]



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  1. In the Baldur's Gate game, Rieltar is a mage.