The Riders in Red Cloaks were the mounted defenders of the market-town of Asbravn, in the southern Sunset Vale during the mid–14th century DR. Comprising local volunteer townfolk, along with a few seasoned warriors and wizards, they were sponsored by Iriaebor to patrol the roads of the Dusk Road and Uldoon Trail and keep them safe.[1]

Asbravn and the Red Cloaks were synonymous with one another, as almost every family in town counted at least one relative within their ranks.[1]


The Red Cloaks often faced orcs, bugbears, trolls, and other monstrous humanoids that roamed between the Reaching Woods and Sunset Mountains.[1]

They received 10 gp per week in pay,[1] and were allowed to keep the loot in battle they pooled together.[2]


The Riders were armed with longswords and spears and wore chainmail, or plate mail in the case of the officers. Of course they all wore red cloaks, from which their organization drew its name.[2]


In Ches of 1357 DR, a horrifying creature "with many heads all like snakes" attacked a couple of farms north of Asbravn. The leader of the Riders in Red Cloaks reached out for aid in slaying this monster and even sent a carrier pigeon to Lord Piergeiron of Waterdeep for aid.[3]

Around the year 1366 DR, a number of protectors of Asbravn were reportedly poisoned. To add to these heinous attacks, the group had been repeatedly ambushed by a number of well-paid mercenary companies. The Zhentarim were suspected to be responsible for these crimes.[1]



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