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Riltana was a windsoul genasi rogue who lived in Airspur. She posed as a messenger for the Airstepper's Guild but was in reality an accomplished rogue. Riltana was able to use the air to leap further than otherwise possible. She lived in a loft in a fashionable district in Airspur.[2]


Riltana was hired by Kalkan to steal a magic scarf from a deva named Demascus. Kalkan used the Damos artifact to predict years in advance when and where Demascus would be and he instructed Riltana to steal the scarf at that time. Demascus and Chant Morven tracked down Riltana and retrieved the scarf. She agreed to help them investigate demonic cult activity in Airspur and was instrumental in uncovering the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye.[2]

In Leafall of 1479 DR, Queen Arathane asked Demascus and Riltana to investigate potential trouble at an arambarium mine on Ithimir Isle off the coast of Akanûl.[3] While investigating, they stumbled upon a drow plot to steal arambarium lead by a priestess of Lolth from Menzoberranzan named Chenraya Xorlarrin.[4]

Demascus, Riltana, Arathane and Chant and Jaul Morven sailed to Ithimir Isle and fought Chenraya and her minions. During the battle, Chenraya collapsed the ceiling on Demascus but he was able to escape with the help of Madri. Unfortunately, the drow were able to transmute the arambarium into a staff and escape. The group traveled back to Airspur and entered a portal to the Demonweb Pits in the catacombs just as Chenraya was completing a ritual to open a gate to Menzoberranzan.[5] Demascus interrupted the ritual and grabbed most of the arambarium staff from Chenraya as she entered the gate.[6]


Riltana usually wore a tight fitting, black bodysuit of leather armor. Her hair was made of light grey crystal strands.


Riltana had magic gloves that opened to a pocket plane and allowed her to store up to five items. One item she always carried was the Prisoner's Stone which allowed her to break free of anything binding her.[2]


  • Riltana was a vegetarian.
  • She was once close friends with Queen Arathane's niece, Carmenere, but they had a falling out.