Rimardo Domine was a male human wizard, an Overwizard of the Host Tower of the Arcane and Master of the East Tower. He was responsible for the Brotherhood's operations in the eastern quadrant of Faerûn.[1]


Domine was a very imposing man, standing 6 feet and several inches tall, with a muscular physique. He had the typical quadrangular Turmish beard; he also always dressed in the style of Turmish's merchants and decorated his rooms with his home country's look, consisting of artistic treasures and perfumed with Turmish incense.[1]


On the surface, Domine was always cordial and friendly, but he pursued only his own interests, not caring if someone was hurt in the process. However, he had a personal ethical code that, for example, prohibited him from harming children and always accepting the surrender of an honorable enemy. His loyalty to the Host Tower of the Arcane derived from his conviction that the Arcane Brotherhood could better govern the North than the many independent cities spread across it.[1]

Domine required that visitors to his rooms always brought him some fine food.[1]


Domine was the youngest son of a Turmish merchant of Alaghôn and started his apprenticeship with a wizard of his town. However, all changed when his older brother, the designed heir, died in an accident and Domine was chosen as replacement. Not wanting to abandon his magical studies, Domine left his country.[1]

He soon joined the Arcane Brotherhood, where he remained out of the power struggles. For his loyalty to the organization, he earned a high position.[1]

In 1372 DR, together with High Captain Suljack, Domine had dealings with the Zhentarim with regard to a future alliance.[1]


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