Rimmon was an archdevil in the service of Asmodeus.[1][2]


Rimmon resembled a 12-foot-tall gelugon with a horned humanoid head.[1]


Rimmon was nasty and sarcastic, and therefore was disliked by other devils. However, he also had little personal pride and was utterly loyal to Asmodeus.[1]


As a duke of Nessus, Rimmon commanded five companies of gelugons. As an archdevil, he possessed a number of innate magical abilities. He possessed infravision and could radiate an aura of fear at will. At will, he could replicate the effects of the spells pyrotechnics, produce flame, fly, dispel magic, detect invisibility, detect magic, wall of ice, ice storm, cone of cold, lightning bolt, teleport, and fulfill another's (limited) wish. Twice per day he could replicate chain lightning, and once per symbol of pain.[1]

In combat, Rimmon typically used his natural claws and tail as weapons, but occasionally he used a trident.[1]


Rimmon was the former ruler of Cania, the eighth layer of the Nine Hells.[citation needed] He was a vassal of Asmodeus around the 14th century DR.[1]


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