Rindon Wasatho was a guide for, as well as a member of, the organization known as the Fellowship of the Purple Staff. He often led new members through the Gulthmere Forest or east to the region between Turmish and the Sea of Fallen Stars. Rindon was entirely loyal to the group and was perhaps the most trusted of their agents.[1]


A quiet and small-framed man, Rindon was easily mistaken for a wild elf. He was particularly quiet, preferring to speak through his actions. He was also known for the extensive observation he took before deciding to make contact with a person he did not know. One being Rindon did trust was his animal companion, a bloodhound.[1]


Among Rindons possessions were a deck of Tashalan divination cards (which were given to him by his father), a +1 short sword of dwarven craftsmanship and a pair of boots of elvenkind. Rindon wore masterwork studded leather armor.[1]



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