A ring of antivenom, sometimes written as ring of anti-venom,[1] was a magical ring that helped the wearer against the effects of poison. It had a total of three versions.[2][3][4]


A ring of antivenom was a ring that was often carved from hard organic material like bones, horns, or teeth. They turned into dust when they became inert.[2]

Some versions of the ring were cast as a single band of silver.[1]


The ring had three versions. All helped the wearer against poison but the exact way and/or frequency they could do so were different from version to version.

One version was a finite charge-based ring. These rings provided the wearer with effective immunity against poisons in the form of the ability to use neutralize poison on him- or herself via a command word. Every use of it drained the ring of charges until it became inert.[3] A very powerful cleric could recharge these rings. The priest had to be careful not to over-charge them. This was because doing so caused these rings to shatter into pieces.[2]

Another version was the so-called frugal ring of antivenom. These rings worked like the above version with one difference. They could provide the neutralize poison effect only once per day, but they renewed their one-day charge every day and could be reused every day.[4]

Another version of the ring of antivenom provided the wearer with complete immunity against mundane poison and heightened resilience against magical poison as long as the ring was worn. To benefit from this effect, a habituation time of seven days, during which the ring had to be constantly worn, was required. This habituation time was required again when the wearer took off the ring at some point.[4]


The ring of antivenom was associated with the drow.[2] The finite charge-based version was often used by surface drow.[5] The other two versions were often found in the Underdark.[4]


These rings were desired greatly by heads of state or other individuals who were more likely to be targeted by assassins or other purveyors of poison.[1]

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