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A ring of regeneration was a magic ring that gradually and continuously healed the wounds of its wearer.[2]


Every ten minutes, the ring of regeneration emitted a burst of recuperative magic, restoring part of the health of its attuned wearer. It was also capable of regenerating lost limbs, in a process that took a few days.[2]


The Imaskarran arcane knowledge book, the Tome of the Ring had a crafting recipe for a ring of regeneration. The recipe called for fenberries, an eye of a rakshasa, and the spell of Melf's acid arrow.[1]


Various rings of regeneration have been in existence since the glory days of the Imaskarran Empire. But one of the more modern versions was created by a wizard Huhhus who was not particularly talented in the art. He discovered a method of distilling troll flesh into a potion of regeneration, the liquid so foul, almost no-one was willing to ingest it. He considered that endeavor a failure. A few decades later, one of Huhhus' students used the master's research to craft a magic ring that incorporated troll's ichor and brain. As no-one needed to ingest gross troll-liquid, this ring of regeneration recipe was a successes.[1]

In late 14th century DR, the rings of regeneration could often be purchased from vendors and good-aligned temples across the cities of the Sword Coast, including Neverwinter and Daggerford.[1][3]



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