A ring of resistance was a type of magical ring that protected an individual from a particular element or source of harm.[2]


While some rings of resistance offered protection from several types of damage, the protective properties of most rings were dependent on the type of gem stone that was used in its creation.[2] Some of them possessed such powerful enchantments that they offered complete immunity to a given type of damage.[3][4]

Gem Damage type
Pearl Acid
Tourmaline Cold
Garnet Fire
Sapphire Force
Citrine Lightning
Jet Necrotic
Amethyst Poison
Jade Psychic
Topaz Radiant
Spinel Thunder


Under order of the Zulkir of transmutation, the Red Wizards of Thay crafted many of these items during the 14th century DR and sold them within their enclaves that could be found in major cities throughout Faerûn.[3]

Jagen Marsk, a noble wizard from Turmish experimented with creating rings that combined a number of magical effects. While attempting to craft a ring that granted him invisibility along with the power of teleportation, he stumbled upon the means to create rings of resistance that protected the wearer from a number of different varieties of damage.[3]

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