A ring of spell storing was a magic ring that stored a number of spells.[1]


As the name suggested, a ring of spell storing stored a spell for later use. To store a spell, the spellcaster simply cast the spell as normal, but targeted to the ring, and the spell remained intact within it. The spell could then be released and fully cast by anyone who wore the ring. This allowed a spellcaster to prepare a spell for a non-spellcaster, or cast a spell from a scroll into the ring for later use. Multiple spellcasters, and both arcane and divine casters, could have spells in a single ring of spell storing.

Different levels and numbers of spells could be stored according to the type of ring. A minor ring of spell storing stored three levels, so three 1st-level spells or one 2nd-level spell and two 1st-level spells could be stored in it. A standard ring of spell storing stored five levels, and a major ring of spell storing stored ten levels.[1]


Along with the skill to craft magic rings, a creator required the imbue with spell ability spell.[1]


In the Year of the Prince, 1358 DR, Khelben Arunsun lent a ring of spell storing to Kyriani and Onyx the Invincible to use against the villains Aviss and Fellandar marauding around Waterdeep. Kyriani placed a fireball in the ring, and Onyx used it to surprise Aviss and Fellandar, who had not expected the dwarf to use magic against them.[3]



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