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Ring of Spell Turning.

A ring of spell turning was a type of magical ring that protected the wearer from spells that were cast upon them.[2]


After the Second Sundering, whenever a spell specifically targeted the ring's wearer, it bestowed upon them a greater chance of avoiding or resisting its magical effects. In addition there was a slight chance that the ring reflected all but the most-powerful spells back upon their caster. This boon did not affect any spells that merely created an area-of-effect in which the wearer was caught.[2]

Circa 1369 DR, these rings mimicked the effects of the spell minor spell turning.[1]


One of these rings was bestowed upon and even saved the life of the apprentice warrior, Derek Poodon prior to 1369 DR. When Derek was traveling through the Cloak Wood he stumbled upon two Red Wizards of Thay. Furious that they had been bothered, the mages released a barrage of magic missiles upon the hapless traveler, only to have them reflect back upon themselves. Following this encounter, the novice warrior earned the nickname of "Deker the Red Slayer".[1]



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