A ring of the ram, also referred to as a breaker of castles, was an enchanted ring that released a blast of pure force energy that resembled a spectral ram's head.[1]


Upon pointing their hand in a certain direction and uttering the command word, the wearer released a destructive eruption of energy that was capable of destroying walls, castle gates, or the bones of the wearer's foes.[1] The blast had an effective range of approximately 60' (18.3 m).[2]

These rings possessed three charges and recharged every morning at dawn. Additional charges could be used upon the ring's use, increasing the strength and potency of the blast.[2]

The effects of these rings were recreated by the arcane spell, battering ram.[3]


Pal Verbosh, one of the deadliest pirates of the Nelanther Isles had his ship sunk by a rival pirate who was wearing a ring of the ram.[4]

Ring of Ramming

A ring of the ram being used on a mind flayer.


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