A ring of three wishes was an extremely powerful magic ring.[2]


A ring of three wishes was set with three rubies when it was initially created.[1]


The ring contained three charges. Each charge could be spent by its wearer to cast the wish spell.[1][2] Doing so would cause one of the rubies to vanish.[1] After all charges were spent, the ring lost its magic and became a regular ring.[1][2]

Notable Rings of Three WishesEdit

Sometime before the mid-14th century DR, a ring of three wishes with two charges remaining was acquired by Omar McDauphin, an extremely introverted and fearful inhabitant of the city of Trondheim on the Oman island in the Moonshaes. Oman cast wish asking for complete isolation, that his possessions never be robbed, and that his family never be harmed. The wish caused him to be transformed into a stone giant, for his family to be turned into part of a gang of assassins, for his entire estate to be thrown into space orbiting the sun, and for the final charge in the ring to be destroyed.[3]

Szass Tam was known to always have a ring of three wishes on his person wherever he traveled.[4]



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