A ring of wizardry was a type of ring only usable by those with magical abilities.


The ring essentially doubled the caster's spell repertoire, i.e., the number of spells they could prepare, of a certain power. Other professions, even those with spellcasting abilities, could not understand the magical workings of such a ring.[1][2][3] In order to forge the ring, one needed to use the limited wish spell.[3]

The trinket came in four varieties, all of which were only usable by arcane spellcasters. The ring was either moderate in power (ring of wizardry I) or strong (ring of wizardry II to IV).[3]


A type of ring of wizardry, known as Evermemory, was rumored to have been used by a powerful wizard of Amn who apparently defied Mystra's limitations on the magical arts. Legends claimed that this mage could cast spells without the limitation of memorization. It was later found out that his powers stemmed from the magical ring of wizardry he had made. His rings, however, continued to be some of the most sought after items in the Realms.[4]

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