Ripplebark was a large subterranean fungus that grew in the Underdark.[1] It was known to dwarves as arantym and was a major food source for orcs in the North.[2] It grew in shelf-like formations that resembled masses of decaying flesh[1] but had a nut-like flavor.[2] Despite its looks, it was quite edible in its raw state and could be roasted to improve the flavor. Scorched or burnt ripplebark turned black, but was still edible.[2] A single, large shelf of ripplebark could be harvested for 7 to 10 pounds (3.2 to 4.5 kilograms) of food.[1]

Ripplebark was a hardy fungus, able to grow in the coldest caverns or in geothermally heated passages. It did not require light, but thrived when light was available and flourished in heat. In drought or extreme cold it fell dormant for up to eight years waiting for a source of nutrition. It could grow on plant material, including living or dead wood, other fungi, or even pull nutrients from humid air and mist. It also cleansed any diseases that it absorbed.[2]

The steel dragon Zundaerazylym experimented with ripplebark to create a highly potent food source for dragons she called longbite.[2]


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