The riqq of the efreet was an unbreakable magical musical instrument created by efreet craftsmen for the high chieftain of the jann of the High Desert on his ascension day.[1]

Since each new jann chieftain received a full set of magical instruments known collectively as the instruments of the jann, there were multiple riqqs of the efreet scattered throughout Zakhara.[1]


The cymbals of this riqq, or tambourine, were created from the crushed coins collected from the Ruined Kingdoms of Nog and Kadar. The surface was wrapped tightly with the fine hide of a white camel. The steel used to create the body of the riqq was forged deep within a volcano, producing a crimson colored metal. The riqq of the efreet was painted with runes of power found within the head.[1]


Anyone holding the riqq who flashed the runes at someone watching effectively cast the hold person spell upon them. This power could be used once per day, but bards and rawunin could perform this act twice per day.[1]

Bards and rawunin could also "fan the flames" with the riqq, summoning a strong fire elemental under their control. This power could only be used once per week. The elemental remained under their control so long as the riqq was played and not interrupted, but would return to the Elemental Plane of Fire as soon as this happened. To use this ability the player needed to be near a large fire.[1]



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