Rise of the Underdark was a Dungeons & Dragons campaign storyline released in 2012.[1]


Wizards of the Coast released the following description of the Rise of the Underdark campaign in April 2012:

Mystra, the goddess of arcane magic is dead and Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders is making her bid to seize control. The drow invasion is about to begin, and adventurers are needed to help stop Lolth from bringing about everlasting darkness to the surface world. With a product line and programs focused on the drow race, D&D players will get a deep-dive into the events surrounding the Rise of the Underdark and gain access into the minds and lives of the popular race like never before. From a new campaign setting and in-store organized play programs, to novels and other game accessories, this robust suite of offerings will put a fresh spin on players' campaigns. D&D fans can also look for new video game content and D&D merchandise to round out their drow experience.
  — Wizards of the Coast[2]


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