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A ritual was a complex ceremony that created magical effects.[1]


Rituals were as old as magic use itself.[2]

Days of Thunder[]

The sarrukh used one of the first rituals to create large numbers of reptilian creatures[3] during the Days of Thunder.[4]

Age of Humanity[]

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In the 12th century DR, some time before the Time of Troubles,[5][6][note 1] the adepts of the College of Rune Magics practiced a form of rune magic that heavily revolved around the use of runesticks in casting a wide variety of rituals.[7]

Era of Upheaval[]

Following the Spellplague of 1385 DR, magic use changed the way rituals functioned.[8] Rituals were now set forth in writing and followed specific guidelines.[9]



  1. Canon material does not provide a year for the events described in The Shattered Statue that take place 200 years prior to the module itself. However, it is stated on page 3 that a "King Proster" commissioned the Awtawmatawn. The only known Proster from this period of publishing was Proster Obarskyr and page 77 of the The Grand History of the Realms dates his reign as lasting from 1122 DR1164 DR.