The Ritual of the March was an ancient ritual used by the dwarves of Delzoun to traverse great distances as a unified army. The March included all of the various dwarven clans united as one with the common goal to defeat their enemies.[1]

Process[edit | edit source]

During the March, the dwarves would sing the ancient marching songs of old Delzoun while tirelessly marching and fighting their enemies for hundreds of miles. The magics and enchantments that were imbued in the dwarves during this period were ingrained into the very core of beings.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During the War of the Silver Marches in 1484 DR, the resurrected King Bruenor Battlehammer channeled the whispers of ancient King Dumathoin through the memories of the Throne of the Dwarf Gods (located in the ancient dwarven stronghold of Gauntlgrym) to evoke the unity of the clans and the remembrance of the March. In doing so, the dwarves were able to wage a successful continuous marching campaign against the forces of Hartusk (the orc warlord of Many-Arrows) in the retaking of the lands around Keeper's Dale and defeating orc armies surrounding Citadel Felbarr and the Cold Vale to Dark Arrow Keep. The Delzoun's March of 1484 DR comprised 9,000 magically enhanced stomping, singing, battleclad warriors and dwarf priests. It was led by four dwarf kings and supported by three hundred Moonwood elf archers. No army of short-legged dwarves had ever moved as swiftly and with such precision in the memory of men, elves, or orcs.[1]

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