The River Agis flowed from the east out of the Marching Mountains and into the Trackless Sea near the city of Memnon.[1] The river was called the Memnon River in most of Tethyr.[2]

It served as the border between Calimshan and Tethyr ever since the Eye Tyrant Wars.[1]


The river was wide and slow-moving and very suitable for cargo-carrying barges and lumber.[1] However, it did not receive as much traffic as would be expected owing to fears regarding Shoonach,[2] as Port Agis, a section of Shoonach, also lay along the river upstream.[3]


The river became the border between Tethyr and Calimshan in the Year of Recompense, −150 DR, when the syl-pasha of Calimport, Kamus el Tarshaj, ceded the lands of Monrativi Teshy Mir over to Tethyr—supposedly as a reward for Tethyr's assistance in the Eye Tyrant Wars more than a decade earlier.[4][5][6][7]




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