The River Alamber was a long and swift river found in the Greenfields in southern Unther and, after the Spellplague, in central Tymanther.[1][3]


The River Alamber was formed by a network of streams on the northern Unthangol Mountains that flowed east across the Greenfields before draining into the Alamber Sea. Its waters provided sediment for the fertile lands of the Greenfields, but the river was unpredictable in its floods, much like the River Angol.[1]


At least twice in recorded history, in 108 DR and in 731 DR,[4] the city of Unthalass was flooded by the waters of the River Alamber.[1]

During the Spellplague, because of the violent exchange of lands between the worlds of Abeir and Toril, the River Alamber got divided into two sections because of the creation of the Ash Lake. Another lake, Lance Lake, was also created during this cataclysm near the origin of the river, in the Unthangol Mountains.[5][2]

In 1487 DR, during the First Tymanther-Unther War, the navy of Unther used the waters of the river to lay siege to the Tymantheran port city of Djerad Kethendi. The siege was lifted when Nanna-Sin took the form of a dragon turtle and destroyed the Untheran navy.[6] A second naval battle took place in 1489 DR, with a similar result, as the Untherans were unable to defeat the dragon turtle.[7]

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Dragonborn from Tymanther called the River Alamber "Kuhri Ternhesh", what means "the River of Stone" in Tymantheran draconic.[8]



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