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The River Arkhen, also known as the River Elzimmer,[1][3] was a major river running through the Arkhen Vale in the Dalelands,[4] down to Selgaunt Bay in Sembia.[1]

The great city of Archenbridge, which also served as Archendale's capital, gained its name from its position straddling the river over the eponymous Arkhen Bridge along the Dawnpost.[2][5]


The River Arkhen rested in a deep gorge that cut through the Arkhen Vale. It was fed by the Arkhen Falls, which emerged from Mount Thalagbror,[6] in the Thunder Peaks, and continued southeast between the Marching Mountains and the Arch Wood forest.[4]


The original Arkhen Bridge, a stonework crossing which allowed travel over the River Arkhen, was originally erected around 1100 DR by a dwarven engineer by the name of Naiden Stonewright. In 1293 DR, a massive flood of the river destroyed all but its stone casements and the buttresses,[2] which had been magically enchanted.[7] A wooden bridge was built in its place, upon the foundation set in by the dwarf almost two centuries before.[2]

Native Selgauntans always referred to this river as the Elzimmer after a long-dead water wizard.[3]



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