The River Dessarin was a major river that flowed through the Savage Frontier in Northwest Faerûn.[4]

Description[edit | edit source]

This river was the main route for trade and commerce of this region.[5] It was cold and deep, flowing from the Dancing Falls at the base of the Lost Peaks to the Sea of Swords just south of Waterdeep.[2][3]

Fishing[edit | edit source]

The waters of the Dessarin were home to the silver shalass, a fish that was considered a delicacy all across the North.[3]

Crossing[edit | edit source]

The Dessarin had three primary bridges: Zundbridge, south of Waterdeep; the Stone Bridge, farther north and east of Red Larch; and Ironford. It also had a ford, usable at certain times of the year—the Dead Horse Ford east of Yartar.[3]

Tributaries[edit | edit source]

The Dessarin claimed the River Surbrin, the River Rauvin, and the Laughingflow as its tributaries,[2][3] also claiming many smaller rivers and streams flowing from a multitude of places, such as Lurkwood and the Evermoors to the north, and the High Forest to the east.[4]

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