The River District was one of the districts of Neverwinter.[1]


The River District was the northeast district of Neverwinter, and was named after the Neverwinter River. The houses built in this district were described as sturdy, and although they were not ostentatious compared with those in the Blacklake District, most were large enough to have held a family of six or eight plus servants.[1] The River District also had many towers of different forms and styles, earning its moniker of the "Tower District".[3]


Before the destruction of the city in 1451 DR, the River District was inhabited by the bulk of the merchant class of Neverwinter,[1] alongside a few nobles and wizards.[3]

After the eruption of Mount Hotenow, the River District was inhabited mostly by the poor and by xenophopic people. A group of orcs from Many-Arrows seized a big portion of this district, making almost impossible for Dagult Neverember's forces to reclaim the River District while the orcs lived there.[1]


The eruption of Mount Hotenow destroyed most of the River District. The place was still in disrepair as of 1479 DR.[1]

At some point before 1461 DR, a tribe of orcs from Many-Arrows claimed the district as their own,[1] and dominated this district until they left Neverwinter, at some point before 1489 DR.[4]

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  1. Its called the Tower District in the MMO game.