The River Gauros was a relatively short river in northeastern Thay that flowed from the Sunrise Mountains, down the First Escarpment into the River Mulsantir in the Gorge of Gauros. Unlike the other waterways of Thay, this river was only partially navigable and offered little economic or tactical value to the nation's ruling tharchs and zulkirs.[1]


There was little to no plant or animal life that could be found within the River Gauros.[1]


During an ill-fated invasion of Rashemen on Mirtul 5, 1375 DR, the Red Wizards serving under Tharchions Azhir Kren and Homen Odesseiron temporarily impeded the flow of the icy river with their magic, in an effort to march Thayan legions across the Gorge of Gauros. However, the Witches of Rashemen countered their spells, and sent the waters raging at the soldiers caught in its path.[2]





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