The River Ith was the longest river in Tethyr.[1]


The river began in the Snowflake Mountains and Omlarandin Mountains and flowed west across Tethyr, passing through the capital city of Darromar (formerly Ithmong) and into the sea at the Sword Coast a few miles west of Myratma.[2] The river formed the southern border of the Purple Marches, Crown Lands, and Golden Marches and the northern border of Ankaram Duchy and Suretmarch.[3]

In addition to being the longest river in Tethyr, the River Ith was also the fastest, deepest, coldest, and most dangerous. East of Darromar, the only safe place to cross the river was Survale Ford. West of Darromar, the river was calmer, and after Darromar became Tethyr's capital in 1367 DR,[4] barge traffic on that part of the river increased.[1]


Around −2400 DR, the armies of the Tavihr Dynasty of Calimshan established garrisons in the region of Omlarandin Mountains south of the river.[5]

The river was named after Clan Ithal, which provided Tethyr with its first dynasty. Before −293 DR, it had been named the Wurlur.[6]


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