The River Shining Tavern was a tavern in Faerûn that bore the nickname of the Delimbiyr River. The proprietors of the building also used Delimbiyr as their family name.


Many claimed that this tavern predated every other building in town. It was also rumored to be the place where Tyndal lived during the construction of the first ducal castle. Darfin Floshin could decry the story as being false, but many fond memories of time spent inside the cozy rooms of the River Shining Tavern kept his lips sealed.

Some time after the War of the Silver Marches, the tavern also operated as an inn. The Zhentarim agent Nelkin Danniker was known to reside at the tavern, watched over by a number of thugs disguised as nondescript inn patrons.[1]


The River Shining Tavern was a large building made from wood. Though aging, the structure remained solid. Most of the clientele of the tavern had plenty of coin to spend. Patrons included visiting nobles, wealthy merchants, and local notables such as Darfin and Lady Belinda Anteos of the Sword Coast Trader’s Bank.


The Council of Guilds used the private dining chambers of the River Shining for many of their meetings, appreciating the air of importance the tavern lended to their affairs. Tavern prices were rather steep but were backed by fantastic service and atmosphere. Splendid rooms were available on its second floor, including three very expensive suites. [2]