The River Sur was a small river in the Unapproachable East that flowed down from a spring on the northern face of the First Escarpment of the Thayan Plateau. Its waters flowed northeast along the borders of the Thayan tharchs Eltabbar and Surthay, past the Surmarsh, before opening into Lake Mulsantir.[1][2][3]

The river formed a border between the nations of Thay and Thesk.[2]


The River Sur was narrow and fast at its source but became quite wide a short distance later, slowing in speed. The shallow waters that wound past the Surmarsh were infested with disease-carrying insects.[2]

Notable locationsEdit

A few Thayan settlements dotted the southern shores of the River Sur. They were seldom visited by Thayan tax collectors and generally left to their independence. The Theskian fishing settlement of Tezir-on-the-Marsh was nestled in the lands where the river fed Lake Mulsantir.[2]



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