The River Surbrin[note 1] was a river in the Silver Marches[1] and Savage Frontier.[2]


It flowed from the Endless Ice Sea[3] and the Spine of the World, after which it was joined by the River Rauvin, and later the Goblintide River, the Laughingflow, and Horn Stream. The River Surbrin then fed into the River Dessarin.[1]

The River Surbrin flowed only a few miles to the east of Mithral Hall,[4] north to south along the eastern edge of the Spine of the World.[5]

Notable LocationsEdit

The town of Nesmé sat on the eastern side of the River Surbrin, with a large fortified bridge across it to the stronghold of the Riders of Nesmé.[6]


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  1. On the map on page 174 of the FRCS3e, a portion of this river is labeled the River Surbin. This is believed to be a typo, as the vast majority of other sources refer to it as the River Surbrin.


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