River Thay was a large, sprawling river that served as a major thoroughfare for the movement of goods and people across northern Thay. It flowed from Lake Thalimbrar atop the Thayan Plateau, served as the border between Eltabbar and Delhumide, flowed down the northern cliff face of the First Escarpment and into Lake Mulsantir and the Surmarsh.[2][1][3]


The river wide and traversable, heavy with ships and vessels trafficking between the tharchs of Surthay and Eltabbar.[1]

It was heavily patrolled by Thayan legions, who stood vigilant against unauthorized wayfarers and marauding aquatic creatures such as scrags[note 1] and lacedons.[1]



  1. The Spellbound campaign guide refers to these creatures as "skrags".


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