The River Umber was a fast-flowing river, full of cascades, that formed part of the natural border between Aglarond and Thesk.[2]

The River Umber rolled lazily through the plain, cutting a broad course into Aglarond. The Umber regularly overflowed its banks because of the Red Wizard’s rain spells, helping to keep the area fertile. [3]

The river has its headwaters in the high glaciers of Thaymount and flowed west. At the town of Nethentir if flowed down the First Escarpment and into Lake Umber, and from there it flowed through the Dragonjaw Mountains into the Sea of Dlurg.[2]

The river banks were muddy and fertile. Fields of wild wheat, walnuts, hickories, and oaks grew along its banks.[3]


Vessels could move up and down the river, all the way to the eastern end of Lake Umber. Thay often sent trade ships down the river into the Sea of Dlurg and onto the Sea of Fallen Stars.[2]



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