The River Vesper was a river in the Vast that ran from the Earthspur Mountains to the Dragon Reach.[1][2][3]


The River Vesper began in the Earthspur Mountains[3] and descended through the High Country[1] down a long series of heavy waterfalls and rocky cascades. Here the waters were cold and clear.[4][5]

The town of King's Reach marked the highest navigable point on the river.[4][5] Afterwards, the Vesper was wide, slow, and generally calm. It lay in a broad, gradually sloping river valley as it ran by the Troll Mountains, and also left floodplains. These lands made for fertile farmland.[1][3] The river had several tributaries.[1]

The River Vesper could be forded at Viperstongue Ford. As this coincided with the Viperstongue pass through the mountains, it was a strategic crossing.[6]

The river emptied into the Dragon Reach in a wide delta, called the Vespermouth. In high summer, its banks turned into fields of stinking mud, producing clams and worms. The city of Calaunt, formerly a village known as "Vespermouth", sat at the mouth of the Vesper.[7][8][9][10]


The Vesper was a major trade route for goods exported from the Vast. However, it also offered off-road travel for orcs, thieves, and adventurers trying to avoid notice without getting lost. Some also sailed up the river to raid inland settlements.[1][3]

Rumors & LegendsEdit


An occasional curious sight on the Vesper was a collection of ioun stones hovering above the water. Sightings were reported the full length of the river, but only began in the 1350s DR. A dozen glowing, twinkling stones were seen dancing in a slowly turning ring, some 6 feet (1.8 meters) or so above the water and moving here and there across it. The stones avoided efforts to grab them, and by 1370 DR, no one with a net, the ability to fly or a magical means of catching one was lucky enough to spot the ring. There was no known explanation for the phenomena, but a tale told in riverside taverns claimed that anyone who could grab one of the ioun stones could keep it, but was also compelled by a geas to perform some dangerous task, with a different task for each stone.[1]

Very rarely, dwarven gold washed down the river, likely from a flooded tomb-cavern[1] or the legendary gold-caves of the Giantspike Mountains.[5]


Some pirates and sailors, fearful of putting into Calaunt, believed that there were certain creatures haunting the Vesper, and that they cursed a sailor who crossed them with bad luck.[11]

Rumors of monsters in Calaunt were helped along by occasional sightings of odd shark-like fins glimpsed moving through the mud of the Vespermouth delta, suggested to belong to a bulette.[8]



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