River spirit folk were a type of spirit folk found in Kara-Tur.[2]


River spirit folk look almost identical to a human. Their bodies are slender and thin. Their gold or yellow skin is the main distinguishing feature from that of a human. Their clothing was usually plain, similar to that worn by many Kara-Turan peasants.[2]


River spirit folk were capable and skill-full fighters. River spirit folk used weapons in combat and were most often seen wielding daggers, short swords or spears. River spirit folk often trained to become bushi, kensai or samurai.[2]


River spirit folk had a strong attunement to water and as a result had unique powers in regards to water. They were expert swimmers, moving through water as if it was air. While in the water, anything they carried remained dry.[2]

They had a natural resistance to any spell or magical items which involved the elements of water but were vulnerable to fire and any fire-based magic. They had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of a speak with animals spell at will, to allow communication with fish. They also had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of a lower water spell once per day.[1][2]


All river spirit folk were part of a clan. They had cordial relations with humans, even being sought after as marriage partners and forming families. They were usually hired as fishermen, guides and hunters.[2]

River spirit folk served the Lord of the Rivers and were required to obey the spirit lord. Disobedience, which brought dishonor onto the spirit lord, was punished by inflicting a natural disaster on the spirit and their family.[2]


River spirit folk preferred to settle near their associated river or stream.[2]


The life-force of a river spirit folk was connected to their river. The spirit suffered damage if their river was subjected to drastic changes in depth or flow. If ill or injured, they returned to their river where they were completely cured instantly of any disease or wounds. Their connection to their river was not affected by their vicinity to it and were able to travel away from their river, even a great distance.[2]

The diet of a river spirit folk was composed of river plants and fish. They were able to breath both in the air and in fresh water.[2]

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