Roalgan was the leader of the Shields of the Highland adventuring company in 1370 DR.[1]


Roalgan was a very large man with long red hair and a heavy beard. He wore chainmail.[1]


Roalgan kept an emotionless expression in the midst of grief.[1]


Roalgan hailed from one of the villages near the Forest of Mir like all his companions.[1]

On Uktar 8, 1370 DR,[2][1] the Shields of the Highland lost two of their members while guarding a caravan. Unexpected cold weather led to snow, and a band of fourteen gnolls were able to track them and attack them, killing two of them during the ensuing battle.[1]

At dusk two days later, Roalgan and the other three survivors went to the Blue Badger Inn in the village of Toralth to grieve their loss.[1] They found a bard in the tavern, calling himself Fylson Tarasp, and demanded that he compose a dirge for their two fallen friends. They had no idea that this man was actually a secret agent of the sea elf Gantar Kraok.[3]

Later that night, three dwarves, Bapar Ghalmrin, Odak Truesteel, and Soram Battlebellow, entered the tavern seeking the Sondarr Scepter and interrupting the ballad that Fylson was singing for Dumax. This greatly angered the Shields of the Highland. When Bramas Thorntree, another patron, accused some of the other patrons of stealing the scepter, Roalgan's companions got up from their chairs and began throwing their beer mugs and swinging their chairs. One mug struck the dwarf leader Bapar, and a tavern brawl was started when Soram stepped up to defend his prince. Bramas and his companions, the Company of the Anvil used this as an opportunity to escape with the scepter.[4]