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Robe of Vecna.

The robe of Vecna was a garment once worn by the powerful lich Vecna, who achieved deification among the people of Oerth. It absorbed a great amount of magical energy from the powerful undead being, though it possessed but a fraction of the power that remained within the remnants of his undead form.[1]


When worn, the robe granted the wearer significant protection from magical spells and spell-like abilities. Furthermore, it decreased the time required for them to cast either arcane or divine spells, to significant degree.[1]


While it was unknown how the robe of Vecna appeared on Toril, it came into the possession of a merchant named Deirdre during the 14th century DR. Sometime prior to the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR she began selling her wares in the Adventurer Mart of Athkatla.[1]



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