A robe of gentle repose was a garment that when worn would halt the decomposition process. This was especially valued by undead who wished to maintain the appearance of still being a living creature.[1]


The robe of gentle repose was an unassuming garment.[1] It appeared as an open-fronted robe of light green.[2]


Especially prized by undead who wished to masquerade as living creatures or simply did not want their bodies to decay, the robe could halt all decay and decomposition of a creature's corporeal form whilst worn, operating in much the same fashion as a permanent gentle repose spell.[1]


Around 1372 DR, an example of this item had come into the hands of the lich Umaerh. Thanks to the robe he could still pass for a healthy male drow while he resided in Irae T'sarran's Undying Temple.[2]

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