A robe of the archmagi was a rare and powerful robe worn only by the most powerful spellcasters.[1][2]


These magnificent and elegant robes were often made out of the most expensive cloth of white, gray, or black color and decorated with silvery magical runes. Typically, the robes were created in colors corresponding to the alignment of the wearer: white was usually made for good magic users, gray for neutral, and black for evil. It was impossible to attune to a robe of the archmagi of the wrong alignment.[2]


The robe of the archmagi provided its wearer with magical and physical defenses, as well as improving the user's magical prowess.[2]

Pre-Spellplague, it was common for these items to severely weaken the wearer if they attempted to wear a mismatched-alignment robe, for as long as they wore it.[1]

Notable OwnersEdit


Laeral Silverhand wearing her white robe of the archmagi.



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