Robillard was a powerful wizard and close ally of Deudermont. He served as the second-in-command on Deudermont's vessel, the Sea Sprite and was a former member of the Arcane Brotherhood.[1] He was a capable magic user and was even skilled in the art of healing, aiding Deudermont after an assassination attempt, an act which helped save the life of Wulfgar the barbarian; had Deudermont not woken, Wulfgar would have been falsely executed for the alleged assassination attempt, a crime which Deudermont confirmed he did not commit.[citation needed]

Robilliard's power became even more evident when he singlehandedly defeated Arklem Greeth, a lich and the former Archmage Arcane of the Arcane Brotherhood. This battle, however, pulled the wizard from his captain's side, allowing High Captain Kensidan of Luskan to bait and kill Captain Deudermont.[2]



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