Rocs were gargantuan birds of prey that inhabited the highest mountains in warm and subtropical regions.[4]

As large as these great birds were, they paled in both size and ferocity to the mighty Zakharan rocs of the Land of Fate.[6]


Rocs were birds of such immense size that they were known to snatch horses (and their riders), elephants, and even whales to feed upon.[citation needed] They preyed upon large creatures such as cattle, horses, and elephants. The roc swept down upon prey, seized it in its powerful talons, and carried it off to its lair to feed. If the prey resisted, the roc would strike with its beak.

The lair of a roc was be a vast nest of trees, branches, and the like. Its treasure was strewn about, for the creature did not place any value upon it.[3] Rocs were occasionally tamed and used by giants.[7] Rocs often guarded the nests of simurghs until they were mature.[8]

Rocs were usually solitary, but sometimes found in mated pairs.[3]


Roc feathers were commonly used in manufacturing Quaal's feather tokens and brooms of flying.[4]


Lord Charles Frederik LaVerne Blacktree IV was known for wearing a roc feather in his hat.[9]



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