A rock reptile was a rare being that resembled a large, rocky, reptilian creature.[1]


Rock reptiles drew on many characteristics of other known reptiles. As such, they looked similar to huge rocky lizards, but also had chameleon-like abilities, such as shifting their skin color to suit their surroundings. Thus, these creatures were incredibly hard to spot in rocky terrain.[1]

Such creatures were around the size of a human, but could grow up to twice that size.[1]


Rock reptiles used their large bodies to attack foes, initially running into them at high speeds. As they preferred to attack at night, where they could blend into their rocky environment, their opponents were often surprised and thrown off guard.[1]


These reptiles much preferred to find prey at night, but would hunt outside if they were desperate for food. After a successful hunt, rock reptiles dragged sometimes dragged their victims and their belongings back to their rocky abodes.[1]

They were known to dwell across the Savage Frontier.[2]



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