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Rock Wyrms were large, reptilian creatures that closely resembled dragons or wyverns. They were intelligent, solitary creatures that dwelled within the cold territories of the North.[1]


The scales of rocky wyrms were most often spotted gray or brown in color. However, they were capable of changing the color of their hides and scales to better camouflage themselves.[1]

They had smaller arms, with large hands that were capable of manipulating items, strong tails and diminutive wings that were not particularly well-suited for flight.[1]

Perhaps their most distinguishing feature was a third eye set into their foreheads.[1]


Rocky wyrms were intelligent creatures that, similar to dragons, hoarded treasure in small caches set into rock hollows.[1]


Rock wyrms were clever and opportunistic hunters. If they weren't stalking their prey, they often wrapped their wings around their body and remained motionless, camouflaged with their surroundings.

The third eye of rock wyrms were capable of emitting a debilitating beam of paralyzation.[1]


Rock Wyrms were solitary creatures that occasionally lived in pairs. While they were mostly solitary hunters, they banded together in small groups at times, to ensure their mutual safety.[1]




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