Rockburst was an evocation spell that cause a boulder or pile or rubble to explode.[1]


This spell caused an amount of stone to explode, possibly damaging any creatures within 20 feet (6.1 meters) of the center of the blast.[2][3] Stone-made possessions of others and magic objects made of stone had a chance to resist the spell. Additionally, creatures that were made of stone were typically immune to rockburst.[1]

For the early version of this spell, the amount of stone was at least 3 cubic feet (0.085 cubic meters), and more for casters with greater experience. For the later version of this spell, the amount was a minimum of 8 cubic feet (0.23 cubic meters).


This spell only required verbal and Somatic components to cast.[2][3][1]


Dwarven priests of Clanggedin Silverbeard were typically known to have this spell bestowed upon them.[4][3]



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