The Rocktappers of the Earthfasts were an association of people who worked and explored the Earthfast Mountains in the Vast and Impiltur, active around the 1350s DR.

They consisted largely of lone prospectors, fur trappers, and other mountain folk, and were often hermits or outcasts of mainstream society. Their numbers were highly variable and difficult to estimate, and fluctuated as new people ventured into mountains, old members gave up and returned to civilization, and others died in the wilderness. They formed a very loose and disconnected group, always traveling alone. However, they left signs and supplies for fellow Rocktappers, not out of a real desire to aid one another but to ensure that they themselves could be similarly aided in future.[note 1]

One thing they did together was to gather every autumn on a particular outcrop of the southwest flank of the Earthfasts, from which they could view the city of Lyrabar and Tower Pureheart. They spent a week enjoying a rough and noisy party before finally wandering into Lyrabar to sell their goods.

Rocktappers acquired colorful nicknames such as Bearface Giltch and Goldsniffin' Hoots.[1]

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  1. The Bloodstone Lands also refers to a few dozen lone and stubborn ore prospectors exploring the Earthfasts, suggesting that these groups are the same or significantly overlap.

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