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Rods were scepter-like objects that could be used by spellcasters to focus their spells. They were particularly favored by warlocks. Some magical rods had unique magical powers.[1][2][3]


Typical rods were usually 2–3 ft (61–91 cm) long cylinders made of metal, wood, or bone.[4]


The primary use of rods was to channel the spellcasting powers of arcane spellcasters such as artificers, bards, sorcerers, warlocks or wizards, aiding them when casting their spells. By doing so, someone using a rod as a spellcasting focus could eschew most of the more ordinary material components required for a spell.[1][5][2]


The Spellplague changed the nature of rods in the Realms.[6] Infused with dark, eldritch energy rods often possessed the touch of some creature with which a warlock had formed a pact. As such, many rods were particularly potent in the hands of specific warlocks, who had forged the appropriate pacts with outsiders.[2]


Rods were popular in Mulhorand.[7] Dreadmasters of Bane also had a special affinity for rods, and often created them.[8]

It was known that some spellcasters carried rods in sheaths on their hips.[9]

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