Rolf Trygveson was a notable inhabitant of Hawa.[1]


Tall and strong, Rolf had striking blond hair that stood out among the predominantly dark-haired Zakharans of the Corsair Domains. He preferred wearing his hair in two long braids that matched his braided beard. His one eye was blue, and a jeweled patch covered the other. Rolf preferred loose, brightly colored clothing to armor, relying on his dexterity to protect him in combat.[1]


Rolf was a ferocious pirate.[1]


His ship Raven earned notoriety throughout the land of Zakhara.[1]


Rolf and his crew grew lazy in the warm Zakharan realm, often lounging on the island called the Camel's Hump for long periods of time.[1]


Rolf originally hailed from the barbarian tribes near Icewind Dale. Piqued by curiosity, Rolf moved south when his people began trading with people from the Sword Coast. Eventually his pirating ways wore out his welcome, and he and his crew moved even further south. Somewhere in the Great Sea they ran across a Zakharan raiding party and followed them back to the Land of Fate.[1]



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