Rolim Durothil was a sun elf warrior in ancient Aryvandaar. He was the third son of the Durothil patriarch, so he could not inherit a position of power. He survived the Crown Wars.[1]


His father sent him with an expedition to Evermeet to colonize the island in the name of all elves. For this, he married Ava Moonflower, a mighty High Mage. It was an arranged marriage, because Rolim had little magical aptitude to pass down to his children, so it was decided this should come from his wife. At the beginning, he had some problems with the moon elven lady, but he learned to love her during the long voyage to Evermeet.[1]

Four hundred years later, the High Councilor Keishara Amarillis died and Rolim became the new High Councilor of Evermeet. Rolim and Ava had an unusually large family. The children who took after their father became part of House Durothil, the others became part of House Moonflower.[2]



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