Rollivar's Redfangs was a mercenary company operating in southeast Faerûn around the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


The Redfangs were a small- to medium-sized group of at least a hundred members that sold their services around the town of Delzimmer.


One well-known (at least in Delzimmer) job that generated a lot of rumors, speculation, and wild claims was the round up of some five dozen goblins from a specific area deep in the Toadsquat Mountains, namely the peaks known as Klauntra's Leap, Liontlefang, and the Wyrmlar. The raid was paid for by the alchemist Urngath Dorrund who tasked the Redfangs to bring him forty goblins alive and in cages.[1][2]

Their first sweep of the area set off a full-scale battle that hard-pressed the Redfangs. Stories around town said that they slew nearly a thousand goblins before they were finally able to capture five dozen and start the journey back to Delzimmer through the western Toadsquats, anticipating even more goblin attacks before reaching home. As predicted, they were attacked by goblin raiders more than once, resulting in casualties among the Redfangs, the raiders, and the live cargo they were hauling. But, they earned their full commission, returning at least forty creatures to Urngath as agreed.[1][2]



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