Roond Asmyrk was a human man living in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. He was a priest of Sune and proprietor of the Silvery Sembian Snail tavern.[1][2]


Asmyrk was once a priest of Sune, goddess of love and beauty, but was forced to leave the priesthood after being criticized for his explicitly hedonistic ways and views. He didn't care a bit about this, and Sune still answered his prayers and provided him with spells.[1]

By 1358 DR, he was the proprietor of the Silvery Sembian Snail tavern in Wheloon.[2]

After several drunken parties spread from the Snail and into the town and disturbed livestock, Lord Sarp Redbeard reprimanded Roond Asmyrk. He began to use sobering spells on patrons and developed more indoor entertainments.

He still ran the Silvery Sembian Snail circa 1369 DR.[1]


Asmyrk spent several years developing spells that could alter the taste and smell of lesser wines to create "shadow wines" that resembled far more expensive vintages. A connoisseur could purchase both and compare them if they wished. To prevent inebriated patrons and escorts causing trouble outside, Asmyrk also cast spells upon them to induce some sobriety.[1]

He also taught the ways of Sune to several of the tavern's waitresses/escorts.



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