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Ropers were ambush hunters that evolved in the underworld.[3] They were favored by the drow god Ghaunadaur.[6]

You see, stalac-tites grow down from the ceiling, while stalg-mites reach — AAHHHHHHHHH —
— An explanation is cut short by a roper attack.[7]


They took the appearance of stalagmites and would wait for a living creature to draw close.[3]


When this happened, the roper quickly lashed out with tendrils extruded from its body that wrapped around its target, sapping the creature's strength. The roper then drew its prey into its fang-filled mouth to consume. As a roper never knew when its next meal was coming, it often slew and ate more than it could possibly consume at once.[3]


There were some varieties of ropers that had evolved on the surface of the world. They took the shape of dead tree trunks and hid within the forest.[citation needed]


Larval Form[]

The larval forms of ropers were called piercers, (not to be confused with the mollusks of the same name and similar behaviors.)[8]


Despite their monstrous hunger and evil natures, ropers were intelligent and insightful creatures. In the time between feedings, they learned about their surrounding underworld and contemplated philosophy. Religious pilgrims sometimes braved the lair of a roper for a chance to learn the creature's insight.[citation needed]


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